Valuable Lessons

Before I started training with Greg I was feeling really self conscious about my weight and overall appearance.


After working out at the gym for over a year on my own I wasn’t seeing desired results. Seeing my wife’s progress and transformation from attending Fit Body Fitness Training really encouraged me to attend some classes to see whether or not it would be beneficial. 9 weeks in and I can definitely see results. {}

With Fit Body Fitness Training I feel more confident, energised, motivated and determined to strive to achieve my desired goals. The most challenging part during this progress was my nutrition however, over time I was able to discipline myself to eat right as well as exercise. This has definitely been a difficult and long journey but Fit Body Fitness Training it has helped me to realise that anything can be accomplished if you put your mind to it and think positively. Through this journey I was able to get through the many challenges with the support of the team and especially the help of the trainers. Having a better balance between fitness, work, family and other duties with Fit Body Fitness Training helping me out with my exercise this has allowed me to concentrate better, be more organised and to have more time with my wife and kids.

From this experience I am able to take with me valuable lessons that can be carried on for the rest of my life. My advice to those who are wanting to challenge themselves, remember it is okay to treat yourself now and then but remember even though your body may be in pain your mind allows you to push on and strive for that extra burn.



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