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The Stress Mess: How It Messes With Your Health

Published on September 29, 2017 By Greg

We all have some level of stress, right?   It may be temporary (acute), or long-term (chronic).   Acute stress usually won’t mess with your health too much. It is your body’s natural reaction to circumstances, and can even be life-saving.   Then, when the “threat” (a.k.a. “stressor”) is gone, the reaction subsides, and all more »

Drop a Dress Size in 21 Days

Published on December 26, 2014 By Greg

I’m looking for 13 people that fit the following criteria to undergo a 21 Day Drop a Dress Size Program. It’s designed to completely transform your body. So if you: -Desperately want to lose at least 5kgs of fat -Want to add lean, toned and form muscle -Live near Hillcrest, Brisbane -Can dedicate 30 minutes more »

WOD – FireBall

Published on August 7, 2014 By Greg

Warm-Up – Foam Roller and Active Warm Up   Option 1 – Do all 6 exercises for time (example: 1 Min), rest, then repeat. Option 2 – 30 min TABATA – 20 sec Doing Exercise, 10 sec Rest – Do this 8 times, then switch to the next exercise.     Level 0-3 – Warrior Workout 50 Yard more »

28 Day Challenge

Published on June 19, 2013 By Greg

The 28 Day Challenge will excite you, captivate you and challenge you to achieve and believe in yourself. Our team of fitness professionals is totally committed to supporting you through the process of achieving your ideal body, so you look amazing, fit into your ‘skinny’ jeans and feel fantastic this July! To find out more more »

Workout of the Day – DELTA

Published on June 16, 2013 By Greg

Level 0-2 Warm-Up – 50 Yard Dash – 30 sec, Single Kettlebell Clean – 30 sec x 6 Circuit – Do all 6 exercises, rest, then repeat Kettlebell Chest Press – 45 sec on – 20 sec rest Overhead Towel Lunges – 45 sec on – 20 sec rest Sit-Ups – 45 sec on – more »

Valuable Lessons

Published on May 1, 2013 By Greg

Before I started training with Greg I was feeling really self conscious about my weight and overall appearance. After working out at the gym for over a year on my own I wasn’t seeing desired results. Seeing my wife’s progress and transformation from attending Fit Body Fitness Training really encouraged me to attend some classes more »