Drop a Dress Size in 21 Days


I’m looking for 13 people that fit the following criteria to undergo a 21 Day Drop a Dress Size Program.

It’s designed to completely transform your body.

So if you:

-Desperately want to lose at least 5kgs of fat
-Want to add lean, toned and form muscle
-Live near Hillcrest, Brisbane
-Can dedicate 30 minutes 3x/week to exercise
-Are willing to follow a strict meal plan
-Have a positive attitude and love working in a team

Serious Inquiries Only. Apply Now: 1300 766 510 or email info@FitBodyFitnessTraining.com

If you’re not going to commit 100% to the transformation which includes training, nutrition, attitude and accountability, please do not claim one of the 13 spots.

This is NOT a free program.

If you meet these criteria, and your application is accepted, we can get started with the transformation. The program is $97.

Limited to 13 people only.

Starts Monday January 5th.

Apply Now 1300 766 510 or email info@FitBodyFitnessTraining.com

** First Time Clients Only

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