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Greg Fellows

Personal Trainer / CEO Fit Body Fitness Training

If your goal is to lose weight, tone-up, gain strength or to simply feel healthier, then Personal Training or Small Group Fitness sessions with me might just be the answer you’ve been looking for. Give me a call to book your free Dynamic Fitness Assessment and get your fitness on track today!


Agility – Speed – Power – Accuracy – Stamina – Coordination – Flexibility – Strength – Cardio Personal Training Team Training Body Transformations Sport Specific Training Boot Camp Boxing for Fitness Mixed Martial Arts Nutritional Advice Motivational Support.


Certificate III & IV in Fitness – Human Performance Centre.

Certified Boxing Instructor – Human Performance Centre.

Certified MMAXFIT (Mixed Martial Arts for Fitness) Instructor – MMAXFIT Australia.

FitRanX Instructor – FitRanX.


Greg has a long history of over 20 years involvement in the martial arts. Starting out in the discipline of Karate, and progressing through the arts, including Kick Boxing and Aikido – Greg now integrates his experiences and skills into his Fitness training programs, delivering fast and effective results for participants of all fitness levels. Greg is a fully Qualified Personal Trainer and Graduate of the Human Performance Centre, Nationally Accredited Certified Trainer and Assessor with over 20 years experience in adult learning and development.

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Megan Richards

“Shall keep it short and sweet! After losing a fair amount of weight through diet alone due to a complete disgust of any exercise; I found myself unfit and had reached a complete plateau..far away from my goal. I joined my local gym but rarely went as I was bored and puzzled and just couldn’t find the motivation within myself to start this entirely foreign concept of exercise! I saw Fit Body Fitness on a friend’s Facebook and saw they ran sessions right near my house so I decided to sign up for the 90 day Challenge. The group sessions were a fantastic way to get me into enjoying exercise as everyone pushes each other to succeed and it is also so much more fun! I quickly learned to love what I was doing and my fitness improved dramatically! From this I decided to take it to another level and sign up for Greg’s Body Sculpting program which only seriously ignited an absolute love and new-found obsession for reaching my ideal physique through heavy weights and hard work at the gym! Now that both of my programs are coming to an end, I have now decided to push myself that bit further. With Greg’s guidance and training, I am going to get myself to my ultimate goal of being at a competition standard by completing the Ultimate Physique Challenge! Bring it on! I am a completely different person to who I was only 3 months ago – I can only dream of where I will end up in another short 3 months! Cheers!”

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Testimonial Picture 1

Teilia Cornwall

“12 weeks ago I embarked on a challenge that would see me change the way I think, feel and behave; a challenge that I wasn’t entirely sure I was ready for – but gave it a go anyway.

I first heard about Fitbody Fitness and Greg through a friend of mine and she invited me along to a session to see if I liked it. Needless to say every week I’m frantically scurrying from work to get to as many sessions as I can.  My main reason for joining in the beginning was to tone up and lose a little extra weight – the 12 week challenge I have just completed certainly showed the results and has left me keener than ever to continue now on my fitness journey.  I’m not overweight but the confidence in myself and my body image that I have gained over the past 12 weeks is priceless – I FEEL FANTASTIC!!

Greg certainly knows how to help his clients/friends get results – he knows your limits but just takes you that little further each and every time to achieve the goals you want!

Burpees, malcoms, donkeys, squats, lunges, sumo squats, stairs, kettle bells, weights, fast foot ladders, hurdles, ropes, boxing…the list goes on and on…but what an AMAZING variety of exercise FBFT training provides. I have been training with Greg Fellows for almost 30 weeks and have to say – I feel amazing – in fact – I feel the best I have ever been! Starting FBFT was just by chance, and I went along thinking that i would try it out and probably not continue – 6 months later and I’m raring to go every day and sometimes even twice a day. My fitness, my physique and my mental awareness has improved ten fold. Greg provided programs to suit my level of fitness and provided the training scaffolding to build a leaner, fitter and healthier me. He is continually devising new and improved sessions and online tracking systems so that clients become accountable for booking and committing to sessions, accountable for the food they eat and accountable for seeing results by entering measurement data. The classes he provides are varied and suitable for everyone all shapes, sizes and fitness levels. Joining FBFT has been the best ‘healthy’ decision I have made. Thank you Greg for pushing me to where I am today!”

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Darlene Pukeroa

IMG_9798“My name is Darlene Pukeroa. I am at the moment a stay at home mum of 6 children ranging from 16 years – 3 1/2 months old. I have been attending boot camp now since 5th September all up 21 sessions. There are several reasons why I joined bootcamp….1) strengthen my muscles and bones 2)improve my stamina 3)control my weight 4) increase my mental capabilities 5)alleviate stress and most importantly 6)be a great role model for my children.


I enjoy attending these classes…if I had been asked a year ago to attend, I would have declined the offer. Why? Because my life and circumstances were different. This has been one of the best decisions I have made for me….I don’t feel selfish when I’m at bootcamp, neither when I work out at home. A year ago I would not have considered to work out at home. My life circumstances have changed and so has my mind set. I attend every class I have committed myself to, I have met wonderful people and ask them why they are on this journey too…the team atmosphere is motivating, Greg Fellows is inspiring, gives great advice and pushes you when needed….finally what I am most happy and proud of…that I took the first step and started bootcamp….”

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Manu Martin

Manu“Hi my name is Manu A.k.a princess, im a truck driver father of 4 beautiful boyz aye husband to aye beautiful wife.

I’ve been fighting with my weight and size for some time I’m type 1 diabetic and suffer with aye level 5 back

injury. Been given a 2nd chance in life and this time i have the support off everyone and a bet I’m willing to win. To my wifey and to my cousin Tracey you gurls are going down and for the gurls at bootcamp you guys rock and my wingman Brendan. I now feel alot fitter, faster and healthier and hopefully this time next year I’m going to soar. Greg jus like to say thanks for everything.”


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“I now feel a lot fitter, faster and healthier and hopefully this time next year I’m going to soar. Greg, just like to say thanks for everything!”

Nicole Brownlie

1375824_10151632526686400_748033965_n“?”I don’t have the time.” “I’m not fit enough for bootcamp.” “I’m not THAT fat.” Sound familiar? That was me just over four months and 16kgs ago. It’s time to take control of your life and make time for what’s important. Thanks to the team at Fit Body Fitness training I have more energy and greater health than I’ve ever had! They cater for a range of ages and fitness levels and will support you along the way! Joining Fit Body Fitness training will lead to a fitter, stronger and healthier version of yourself. Why wait?”

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John Templin

IMG_9850 copy“Hello there my name is John, I started recently training with Greg, now I was a little overweight but deep down I thought to myself I was relatively fit.

I got inspiration from a fellow worker who had started before me and I was seeing such quick results and his whole attitude was changing everyday, that’s when I said to myself I need to get me some of that.

I completed a 6 week challenge , lost 6 kgs and my fitness level went through the roof. I laugh to myself now because I can actually run which I struggled to do all my life.

I have tried the gym but it doesn’t compare, the friendly people you meet have been awesome , so friendly and very supportive, Greg is absolutely awesome at what he does, very approachable and supportive, it’s so awesome to part of the team. My wife now has joined and is loving as much as me, it’s just part of our life now.

Fit Body Fitness Rocks !!!!”

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